20 best American Horror Story villains to grace our screens

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4. Fiona Goode

Jessica Lange had to make the list, right? Fiona Goode is really the only villain out of all her characters, and what an ironic name! After all, I don’t view Constance or Elsa as villains, as they had some sort of humanity in protecting those around her. Sister Jude redeemed herself in the end and was a product of her time, so, again, not really a villain.

Fiona didn’t have a good bone in her body. She killed people just because they stood in her way. As she realized she was dying, she decided to make a push to become the Supreme, but that meant going against many other witches. She was willing to kill her own daughter to win, showing you the sort of villain she was.

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3. Stanley

When it comes to most hated American Horror Story characters, Stanley is definitely on the list. However, he’s also one of the best villains. There was absolutely no way that you could like him and sometimes that’s exactly what you need in a villain.

Played by the excellent Dennis O’Hare, he manipulated, lied, and cheated his way into the freak show. His only aim was to gain the freaks to put on display and sell. He didn’t want to make friends and wasn’t really interested in their lives or their backstories. His soul motivation was money and that made him extremely dangerous.