20 best American Horror Story villains to grace our screens

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American Horror Story
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ROANOKE — Pictured: Lady Gaga as Scathach. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX /

12. Scathach

The Scathach was one of those villains that took a back seat. She was pulling the strings through manipulation and suggestion. Originally a young girl from Europe descended from the Druids, she was blamed for a plague on board a ship and was sentenced to be burned as a witch. Of course, she wasn’t just a witch.

The Scathach prayed to the Druid Gods and gained the power to kill the soldiers who had arrested her. All this was blamed on the Natives in the area, and she was able to escape. Now she makes deals for people’s souls. In a way, she’s a Druid version of the Devil.

11. John Lowe

Who called it on John Lowe being the murderer he was looking for in American Horror Story: Hotel? He had one of the more interesting storylines, with the is he/isn’t he focus. There were some clear moments that he was actually meant to be searching for himself.

However, he was a family man in a way. He loved his children and he wanted to make his marriage work–even though they didn’t have the best chemistry. That’s what made him so intriguing and brilliant at the same time.