20 best American Horror Story villains to grace our screens

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American Horror Story, Evan Peters
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL — Pictured: Evan Peters as Mr.March. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX /

6. Dandy Mott

Dandy Mott was a spoilt brat. There. I’ve said it.

There’s no denying that, but he was also extremely dark, twisted, and just pure evil. This was a guy who didn’t care about anyone but himself and he was willing to go to great lengths to get his own way.

Dandy ends up owning the freak show, but they have no respect for him. After Paul quits, others follow suit and that throws Dandy into an angry, murderous rage. A number of characters are killed by him, before they manage to overpower him and kill him by drowning.

5. James Patrick March

Out of all the Evan Peters characters, my favorite has to be James Patrick March. He was the man behind Hotel Cortez, which was inspired by H.H. Holmes in a way. There were tunnels, hidden rooms, and much more throughout the building. And, of course, there was the curse of those who died would remain ghosts on the land.

However, it turned out that JPM was more than just a typical villain. He manipulated others and would help to groom serial killers. Part of this grooming was to find someone to take over his role as the Ten Commandments Killer. Even death couldn’t stop him, earning him a spot in the top five American Horror Story villains.