Big Brother 20 recap: Does Scottie’s second chance pay off?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, a previous winner gives his thoughts on this season’s cast, and why it’s anybody’s game. Another houseguest heads out the door.

Since Kaycee chose not to use the Power of Veto on Big Brother, Haleigh and Scottie remain on the block. Scottie feels fairly confident he’s not going anywhere since Tyler keeps assuring him he’s the pawn. But even Scottie knows pawns go home.

Haleigh isn’t sure where she stands after Scottie let it slip that Tyler told him he’ll be staying, Haleigh decides to confront Tyler, and he says all he’s done is make Scottie believe he’s the pawn. Obviously, if it were up to Tyler, he’d send Haleigh packing, but he’s not ready to ruffle the feathers of his alliance.

Tyler is getting irritated by Haleigh’s constant questioning of whether she’s the target or not. If she doesn’t chill out, Tyler’s more than willing to try to sway the house to keep Scottie instead.

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Scottie is concerned about what deals Haleigh might be trying to make, but Tyler swears Haleigh’s main focus has been chirping in his ear. Scottie admits he warned Haleigh she might be in danger.

Scottie does worry the fact that he’s not actively campaigning to stay might be a bad idea. He doesn’t want people to think he doesn’t care. But Tyler continues to play Scottie, making the Battle Back winner believe everyone is down with him.

The Tyler and Angela showmance keeps blossoming, and this relationship still has JC very concerned. He continues to plant himself in the HoH room every chance he gets to c##k block the twosome. JC is like a dog with a bone. Tyler accuses JC of being paranoid. JC just wants Tyler to come clean because that would establish some trust, but Tyler will only admit he and Angela are friends who enjoy hanging out.

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JC isn’t comfortable with how close Tyler is to both Angela and Kaycee. He can’t sway Tyler to put up the girls. JC decides to shift some of the heat on to Brett by saying the Bro wants to put Kaycee and Angela on the block next.

Tyler needs to figure out a way to get JC to stop targeting Kaycee and Angela. Tyler’s got Final 2 deals with Kaycee and JC, and he doesn’t think Angela will put him up, so he needs all three of them in the house.

Angela suspects JC is trying to pull Brett to his side (he is), so they can work together to split up the menage a trois of Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler. This is what any smart game player would do. Angela thinks JC might be starting to prove to be a bigger threat than Haleigh.

Things are getting tricky for Tyler. There’s starting to be too few people in the house for him to stay loyal to everyone he’s made promises to. He likes Angela, but it’s better for his game to let JC come after Angela because he can’t do it himself. Tyler feels selfish, but he can’t throw away his whole game to keep her safe. It’s still surprising Angela hasn’t broached the idea of a Final 2 with Tyler. It feels like they would have by now since they’ve been working together since the beginning.

Brett and Scottie talk game. Brett wants to know what Scottie’s plans are moving forward. Scottie’s taking Tyler at his word that he’s the pawn, so Scottie doesn’t want to push too hard. Brett claims he was relieved to see Scottie come back. In the DR, Brett admits he plans to vote Scottie out but not before extracting some valuable information regarding what’s going on in the Jury House.

Scottie is all too happy to dish. Brett learns Angela’s plan is to keep him around as a shield. Also, Rockstar is salty over Brett’s goodbye message, but she hated Angela’s even more. It’s really stupid to be nasty in those last videos once the evicted houseguests become members of the Jury.

Brett realizes how much hatred there is for Angela in the Jury House. He thinks if he can hand her to them as a peace offering, it might gain him some votes.

JC and Brett feel the dynamic shifting. After Scottie, Haleigh and Sam, they are the low men on the totem pole. JC thinks the best move is to keep Sam and Haleigh because they dislike each other so much, the women will never come after him or Brett (it’s also smart to keep Sam because she won’t beat anybody sitting next to her in the end — she hasn’t done anything.)

Brett and JC are determined to get Angela out if either one of them becomes the next HoH. Angela makes Brett nervous because she’s got Tyler and Kaycee in her pocket. This isn’t entirely true since we know Tyler is willing to sacrifice Angela for the good of his own game.

Their plan is to backdoor Angela, eliminating her getting saved by the veto. In the DR, Brett reveals his loyalty is to Level Six, but he’s feeding JC’s paranoia. This way, JC can make the big move, keeping Brett’s hands clean.

Before the live vote and eviction, Julie Chen sits down with Big Brother 16 winner, Derek Levasseur. Derek is Big Brother royalty, and he’s a big fan of Season 20. Derek is impressed with how well Level Six has worked together. Usually with an alliance that big, there are personality conflicts that create dissension within the group.

Derek thinks this remains anyone’s game. There’s still a lot of people left, and they can all make an argument as to why they should win. All of the Level Six members have contributed to the success of their alliance either through winning comps, their social games or by making good strategic moves.

JC’s never been on the block and is using the power of paranoia to his advantage. Haleigh is hanging in there although she’s struggling without Fessy. But she’s still making the effort to integrate herself with the rest of the house.

Derek discusses how critical Jury management is to winning the game. It’s not just about getting to the end, but how you do it.

Derek believes it could be a huge mistake if Tyler takes Kaycee to the end. He’s certain it’s going to be an emotional Jury this year. and if it were him, he’d lean towards taking Angela. Nobody has anything bad to say about Kaycee. She hasn’t made a ton of side deals, so she won’t have as much to answer for.

Scottie and Haleigh give their final speeches. Scottie tells the houseguests they know the smart move to make, and if they don’t, they can suck it. Then he goes a bit off the rails by insinuating that Angela is providing oral gratification to Tyler. Not particularly classy but really funny.

Haleigh’s all about the love. She’s perky, she’s pleasant, and she doesn’t seem like someone who’s worried she’s going anywhere.

The vote to evict Scottie is unanimous. He hugs Haleigh and jets out the door.

Scottie assumes the reason his housemates voted him out is because he’s “unpredictable.” Scottie isn’t totally surprised by the outcome.

Julie reminds Scottie that he stated his strategy when he returned to the game would be to work with Tyler. Scottie felt he had the best shot aligning with Tyler because he thought they had a good relationship. Scottie also knows Tyler’s working a lot of angles, and that might have benefitted him as well.

Scottie calls Tyler out for being a “coward,” insisting Tyler does what the house wants. Scottie admits he prefers Haleigh to Tyler, choosing the latter strictly because of the numbers. But he also would have put Tyler up given the chance. Too bad we’ll never know if that’s true. Bye, bye, Scottie.

The HoH comp is called “Shell or Highwater.” The players must maneuver their pearls — one at a time — down a seaweed ramp to one of three oysters at the other end. The first houseguest to get a pearl in each oyster wins. If nobody sinks all three pearls after three minutes, the new HoH will be the houseguest who sinks the most amount of pearls in the shortest amount of time.

Kaycee wins HoH, beating Brett by a second.

It’s a big week Big Brother fans. It’s double eviction time. Two houseguests will be leaving this week.

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Can Haleigh survive another week in the Big Brother house? Will JC’s paranoia make him a target? Who do you think Kaycee will put on the chopping block? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. Tune in Sunday, September 9 to find out who Kaycee nominates for eviction.