Bonfire of the Manatees guest starring Alec Baldwin recap

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After getting fed up with yet another mess Homer gets into, Marge leaves home and meets a scientist with a passion for Manatees.

After Homer owes Fat Tony a debt, he is forced to allow him and his crew use the Simpson residence to shoot a porno. Homer knows Marge will never agree, so he concocts a badly planned activity to get them out of the house. Since Marge and the kids have a miserable time, they leave early and Marge comes home in time to see the film crew in her kitchen. Marge is understandably upset and immediately storms out, leaving the kids behind as she peels out of the driveway.

She ends up going to some rest stop by the ocean and in the middle of calling Homer, she comes across a Manatee and handsome scientist Dr. Caleb Thorn (Alec Baldwin). Dr. Thorn has a passion for Manatees and when he listens to Marge’s problems in a diner, she is touched by his genuine passion for what he does. Meanwhile, Homer is unable to stand the situation and drives out to find his wife. He ends up going to the same diner, where the waitress informs Homer about Marge and Dr. Thorn.

While out looking for Marge, Homer also takes the kids to see some “country” cousins who are actually quite classy and have good tastes in food. While looking through a telescope, Lisa sees Marge out in the ocean and immediately goes to tell Homer. He goes to where Marge is and apologizes to her with flowers. She accepts the apology, but tells Homer she isn’t ready to come back home yet, as she now has a purpose helping Manatees.

Homer thinks out loud that the key to winning Marge back is through Manatees and when he sees some jet skiers harassing some, he sees his chance. But in typical Homer fashion, it doesn’t go well. While in the middle of a fight with the jet skiers, Homer’s “country” cousin rides up in a cigarette boat with a court order and promptly kicks them out, also saving Homer in the process.

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Marge is touched by Homer’s gesture and goes back with him. But before going back to Springfield, Homer insists on taking some family time, while a Manatee dressed as Homer mans his station at the power plant. Eventually, Smithers realizes that not only is it a Manatee, it’s also dehydrated. In response, Mr. Burns insists that he grab a sponge and the two take proceed to rehydrate it.