AHS: Apocalypse trailer observations and speculation

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AHS: Apocalypse dropped the first official trailer and we have a few theories about what’s to come on the crossover season.

This season of American Horror Story is quickly becoming the most anticipated season yet. Die-hard fans are analyzing each cryptic advertisement and casting announcement. Now that we have seen the full trailer, it has sent AHS fans into an even bigger frenzy as we try to determine what to expect from the apocalyptic themed installment.

With the bringer of death (Michael) in the fold, many have questioned how he will be characterized, but the trailer sheds some light on the issue. Brief flashes show the child of Tate and Vivian with glowing eyes, long hair, and a power that impresses the masses of an eerie bunker called Outpost 3. Kathy Bates character, Ms. Meade, even responds to him with a smile and a “Hail Satan” so we can assume he isn’t doubting his calling of impending doom.

On top of that, if you look closely in the first teaser reveal, the Antichrist is actually wearing the same clothing surrounding the teaser entrance of Cordelia, Myrtle, and Zoe. That could mean a few different things, such as Michael having attended the academy for young witches, or even a chance of infiltration against the all-powerful coven at one point.

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The witches are a major storyline to AHS Apocalypse, with their return being a focal point in everything seen or discussed about the eight season. We see glimpses of Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle in the post-apocalyptic bunker so we gather that they will be entering the outpost at one point. And based on their expressions, they have a collective goal to stop Michael from ending the world (or what’s left of it anyways.)

In the trailer, there’s a distinct image of Michael standing outside the ruins of the Coven house, with shots of Cordelia being attacked by people who look like mutations from Asylum, but we’re holding out hope for the supreme. There has been speculation that the first several episodes of the season could be a vision of their demise which would lead to the coven changing the sequence of events (and maybe revisiting Murder House pre-apocalypse.)

When we see the witches in the full length trailer, it appears that Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle are the first (or only) three to initially enter the bunker. They come out of the woods, cloaked and ready to cause mayhem, which we later see as the witches stand over three women dressed in an almost Victorian clothing similarly to Venable (Sarah Paulson’s newest character.) The women appear to be the characters played by Billie Lourd, Adina Porter and Leslie Grossman, almost as if they are preparing for descensum or are perhaps even being revived by the supreme herself.

Other interesting observations include Misty Day who also looks like she has been brought back in the bunker, meaning Outpost 3 will hold a plethora of witches and apocalypse survivors. Last we saw Misty, her soul was trapped in hell so there’s even a chance that this could be the work of Michael if Cordelia isn’t able to save the witch’s soul. The exterior shots are strictly showcasing either the initial downfall of society, or the mutated aftermath that plagues them so we gather a majority of the present day scenes will take place underground, though we are also assuming to an extent that the witches have some sort of supernatural immunity to whatever fallout has occurred.

What seems to be the most likely scenario is that the witches of Coven are resurrected by Cordelia, knowing that Michael will bring the true end of the world. By the looks of it, the world is clinging to life, so they will need every mystical force they can attain to stop total chaos that was predicted during season one.

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For now, we’ll have to just keep speculating until the season begins September 12, on FX.

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