Mr. Mercedes season 2, episode 2: Let’s Go Roaming and mind control

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 15: A general view of a FYC Screening of Mr. Mercedes at Hollywood Forever on April 15, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for AUDIENCE Network)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 15: A general view of a FYC Screening of Mr. Mercedes at Hollywood Forever on April 15, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for AUDIENCE Network) /

Mr. Mercedes explores Brady’s abilities despite being in a coma, and Bill’s need for invigoration with a serial killer to hound.

It’s just a matter of time before Mr. Mercedes gets out of his hospital bed. There aren’t going to be any eye-patch-wearing assassins whistling catchy tunes on the way to assassinate Brady (Harry Treadaway). He will eventually rise like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes.

Will Bill (Brendan Gleeson) be ready for him? He’s got issues with his love life, his best friend died, he is still somewhat disconnected from everyone, and his businesses is antithetical to his nature. Have the life changes changed Bill?

Finders Keepers

Bill’s new business is part P.I. and part repo. man. He nabs a car, with car seat, from a single mother who says she’s on the way to a job interview. This is not a job he enjoys. Bill lives for the thrill of the chase, not the mundane. In another case, he’s supposed to take a drug cartel informant named De La Cruz to trial. With Holly’s help, Bill tracks down the man and his two kids at a local campground. Appealing to his humanity, De La Cruz talks Bill out of the arrest. Again, this is not the job for Bill. In fact, Bill even tells De La Cruz where to avoid authorities.

Bill’s so down and out at his job that he even hits on his ex-wife Donna (Nancy Travis). Awkwaaaard.

Shady Brady

What’s new? Even post-coma Brady is creep. He’s having visions of his nurse Sadie (Virginia Kull), but can’t quite pull himself out of his vegetative state. Mr. Mercedes approaches this in a brilliant fashion, showing a third person view of Brady, in his old basement, watching her through the computer monitors. She has cut his hair, tended his wounds, and shaved his stubble, and has never gotten a response. Despite frequently spacing out (mild epilepsy or narcolepsy?), she is coherent enough to recognize his consciousness. Brady stares at her, but then pretends to be in a coma.

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When this news leaks, the Assistant District Attorney in Bridgton, Ohio, Antonio Montez (Maximiliano Hernandez) stops by to: A. ensure Dr. Felix Babineau (Jack Huston) keeps his celebrity patient in house, and B. to squeeze a confession out of Brady (literally…he crushes Brady’s balls for an uncomfortably long period of time despite Brady’s paralysis).

In his basement mind he obscures the windows to keep things a secret. Sadie’s condition, however, makes her susceptible to Brady’s control. She once did everything for him, but now he is able to call some shots. When she’s in her trance-like state, Brady is able to control her like an automaton. It’s an odd twist. Brady’s even able to mentally masturbate while Sadie fondles herself. Like I said, odd.

Jerome arrives home

Summer break is here, and Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) is home from Harvard. His dad’s throwing a welcome home party, but something about Jerome is different. He seems a bit older, a bit more mature. Conversely, he’s now got a weak beard and he’s vaping. Yes, college freshman douche starter pack. And despite his father’s eventual disappointment, Jerome isn’t doing so hot at university. A barely passing grade in intro to computer science says everything about the whiz kid.

Jerome’s party, and his poor grade reveal, is interrupted by news of Brady’s status change. About the same time, Lou (Breeda Wool) is receiving physical therapy and hears someone talk about Brady recovering. Bill immediately bolts to the hospital to see for himself, or finish the ventilator sabotage he previously started.

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As the episode closes, Brady has control of Sadie. About to walk out of the hospital, she (he?) sees Bill arriving in the elevator. He orders her to get a scalpel, and anyone who has seen Pet Sematary  immediately gets goosebumps. The spell is broken in the nick of time, however, by Nurse Wilmer (Tammy Arnold), who is also the person who leaked the info to Bill. The control Brady has over Sadie will become an issue really soon.

Mr. Mercedes airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on Audience.