Mr. Burns recap: Specs and the City

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When Mr. Burns gives out special glasses for a gift in this episode of The Simpsons, Homer realizes that Marge is hiding something from him.

For Christmas, Mr. Burns gives all his employees Oogle glasses, or special glasses that allow them to see information about other employees. When Smithers is immediately suspicious by the unexpected kindness, Mr. Burns promptly assures him that he has an ulterior motive: the glasses are a unique surveillance system that allow him to spy on the employees.

A few months later on Valentines Day, Bart isn’t feeling any more generous than Mr. Burns, as he doesn’t want to give Nelson the bully a Valentine.  In an attempt to get him in the holiday spirit, Marge shows Bart a video of a student that doesn’t get any Valentines and eventually overdoses on candy. This doesn’t do much for Bart’s holiday spirit and eventually Nelson threatens Bart into getting him the best Valentine ever.

When searching for a recipe, Marge tries on the Oogle glasses and is immediately impressed by what she finds. At the same time, Homer goes to Mr. Burn’s office to ask for another pair of Oogle glasses and while he doesn’t find the boss, he does realize that the glasses are intended to spy on people. Since Marge is wearing the glasses, that means he can spy on Marge. Homer initially believes he’s seeing that Marge is having an affair, but it’s only Grandpa Simpson she invited for lunch. Later, he realizes Marge goes to a therapist and the topic she always discusses with him is Homer.

Bart and Milhouse brainstorm Valentine ideas and can’t come up with anything. Because of this, Bart discovers the holiday is about negative consequences and fear of messing up, which is what he tells Nelson in front of everyone. This put’s everyone else’s Valentine for Nelson in perspective and the revelation touches the bully.

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Homer is upset to find out Marge is in therapy and that her complaints are about him. He confides in Moe, who tells him that he can’t flat-out confront Marge, but suggests he make an appointment with the same therapist and “accidentally” bump into her. Homer goes along with it, but while waiting for the appointment, Homer realizes that the sessions put Marge in a good mood and help her cope with the challenges of Marriage.

Later while going to bed, Homer listens to Marge talk about her day before they turn off the lights. Since Marge is wearing the Oogle glasses, that means Mr. Burns gets a front row seat, whether he likes it or not.