Sylvester Stallone: 10 Greatest movies of all time

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#1 – Rocky IV

Original Release Date: Rocky IV was released on 27 November 1985.

Box Office Earnings: An estimated $30 million budget resulted in a cumulative worldwide gross of $300 million.

Critical Acclaim: Aside from a few international nominations and lifetime achievement awards for Stallone, Rocky IV won several Razzies. And the folks behind the Razzies are dead wrong. Fight me.

About the Role: Rocky just watched his best friend Apollo get murdered in the boxing ring because pride got in the way of recognizing a ridiculous size and weight advantage for the roid-fueled Russian named Ivan Drago. Rocky avenges the death of his friend, despite the harshest of conditions, no pay for the fight, and a perpetually unsupportive wife. He turns the Russian crowd, takes everything Drago can dish out, and wins over the Russian in the most amazing fashion possible..

Simply the Best: Rocky ends the Cold War!! He voluntarily used his face to stop Ivan Drago’s fists over and over and over, eventually resulting in Rocky’s traumatic brain injury and abbreviated retirement. This is the most preposterous, amazing, montage-filled Stallone flick of all time.

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Which Sylvester Stallone film is your all time favorite? Did we miss any of his greatest movies?  Do you believe Rocky III deserved inclusion despite the ridiculous running on the beach scene?