Sylvester Stallone: 10 Greatest movies of all time

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#10 – Over the Top

Original Release Date: Over the Top was released on 13 February 1987.

Box Office Earnings: It cost $25 million to get $16 million gross domestic. Hey, what did you expect from a movie about arm-wrestling.

Critical Acclaim: An ASCAP Award was won for the epic “Meet Me Half Way” song from Kenny Loggins, but there was zero doubt Over the Top was destined for nothing but Razzies. After all, critics don’t like good old fashioned fun. They want politics, upward-turned noses, esoteric subtleties, and contrarianism. This is a just a fun movie for Stallone fans.

About the Role: Before this description starts, have patience. Stallone plays Lincoln Hawk, a truck driver with an arm wrestling side gig. His wife dies and he attempts to make amends with a son he hasn’t seen in ten years. Unfortunately, Hawk is an everyman living a pretty simple life (other than the high stakes arm wrestling, of course). His son, however, is a snooty brat living with his rich grandfather and attending a ritzy military academy. The definition of oil and water. If Hawk wins the $100K arm wrestling tournament, however, the pair might be able to get away from everything and start a new trucking company.

Simply the Best: Meet Me Half Way!! Acrooos the skyyyyyyy!!! Look, if you don’t sing along with Kenny Loggins when he belts out the lines that absolutely mirror the tone of Over the Top, then you need to check your pulse. The song perfectly encapsulates the differences between Lincoln Hawk and his yuppie/bourgeois son, and belts out the solution to all their problems as a father and a son.