Sylvester Stallone: 10 Greatest movies of all time

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#6 – Rambo

Original Release Date: Rambo was released on 25 January 2008.

Box Office Earnings: A $50 million budget was more than doubled with $113 million, proving at 62-years old Sylvester Stallone was still a bad, bad man.

Critical Acclaim: A Golden Trailer Award for most original poster, and a Golden Schmoes Award for Best Action Sequence of the Year were the only awards. It’s truly baffling how the incredible action and humanitarian angle of this film didn’t get more attention.

About the Role: Vietnam veteran John J. Rambo is tired of fighting. He runs a boat for some Christian missionaries into Burma to aid the Karen tribespeople. The villagers are slaughtered and the missionaries captured. He didn’t want to get involved. In reality, however, Rambo is a warrior. He screams out a line that perfectly defines the Rambo character just after an intense volley of exploding arrows: “This is who we are! This is what we do! Live for nothing or die for something!!”

Simply the Best: This is by far the most gory Rambo movie. The final action sequence is absolutely breathtaking. It’s difficult to keep up with, because multiple people lose limbs, bodies get torched, and a guy gets his throat ripped out. The most memorable scene, however, is when Rambo gets a hold on a jeep-mounted 50-caliber machine gun and absolutely obliterates the driver at point blank range. It was an absolutely filthy death, with bits of that guy flying for miles. Rambo was probably brushing his teeth weeks later and finding remnants of that guy’s viscera.