Sylvester Stallone: 10 Greatest movies of all time

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#4 – Rocky II

Original Release Date: Rocky II was released on 15 June 1979.

Box Office Earnings: A $7 million budget resulted in a cumulative worldwide gross of $200 million, proving Rocky was the champ of the box office, even if he didn’t necessarily win the first fight.

Critical Acclaim: Only one American Movie Award and one People’s Choice Award, both for best film.

About the Role: After the amazing fight with Apollo Creed, Rocky is loving life. He’s bruised and beaten, but has a loving wife, plenty of money, an endorsement deal, notoriety, and fans adore him. Unfortunately, however, Rocky isn’t that great with words, which shouldn’t come as a shock considering his speech. The advertisement wages he thinks he’s getting are now in trouble, and he has to take on menial work again. To make matters worse, champion Apollo Creed starts ridiculing and embarrassing Rocky on nationwide television. Apollo wants to prove the first fight was a fluke. Eventually Rocky succumbs to the pressure, takes the fight, and shocks the world.

Simply the Best: There are two many great parts of Rocky II to pick out a single favorite. Was it when Mickey slapped Rocky and proved the vision issues? The hilarious advert fail? Chasing the chicken? When Adrian tells him all she wants it for him to win? A hidden gem of Rocky II Rocky Runis the , when the kids of Philly ignore curfew and neighborhood rules to run behind him far beyond their parents’ supervision. One kid tries as hard as possible to stay in the camera shot, and it’s brilliant how long he hangs with Sylvester Stallone.