American Horror Story: The most shocking twist from each season

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American Horror Story
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Season 2 – Asylum

Dr. Thredson’s identity

As we learned from season one, nothing is off-limits for American Horror Story. As creepy as the Rubber Man was in Murder House, Asylum took things up a few notches with Bloody Face. After Kit Walker (Peters) is convicted of being the deranged serial killer, he was assigned as one of Dr. Oliver Thredson’s patients at Briarcliff. Unlike most of the staff of the asylum, Thredson (Zachary Quinto) showed actual compassion for his patients and seemed charming enough. He also believed that Lana (Sarah Paulson) was sane and assisted in her escape from the institution.

After Thredson gained Lana’s trust, he let her stay at his home. After she realized something was off, Thredson revealed himself to be the real Bloody Face killer. He took on Kit as a patient so that he could frame him for the murders. After he showcased his various psychotic issues, he raped Lana and tried to kill her before she fought back and escaped. Lana later found herself back in Briarcliff but eventually got her revenge with the help of Kit. Lana secretly gave birth to Thredson’s child who would later go on to become the second Bloody Face. Even after Lana survived Thredson’s attacks, decades later she faced the same threat from their dangerous son but she was still strong enough to kill their evil spawn.