American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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12: Misty Day – Coven

Two more to go until the top10 is started. Coming in at No. 12 is Misty Day from the Coven arc of American Horror Story.

Misty Day was a witch who possessed powers of resurgence unlike any other witch who had come before her. She lived in a swamp before joining Miss Robichaux’s Academy. Once she came on to the scene, everyone was sure she would be the one, the next supreme witch.

The supreme is identifiable by being able to master all seven of the distinct abilities of magic. Telekinesis, divination, transmutation, pyrokinesis, concilium, descensum, and vitalum vitalis.

Misty fires through them all with ease, but encounters her downfall in the test of descensum. Alongside her fellow coven witches Queenie, Zoe and Madison, it is only Misty who is unable to come back from the descensum test.

Trapped in-between worlds, Misty ends up being stuck in her very own personal hell. A horrific childhood memory is played out on a loop for Misty. Forced to dissect a frog in science class again and again for all eternity, the idea of being stuck in a hell loop was uncomfortably shocking, and stuff of many supernatural lore.

Misty’s physical form then disintegrates into nothing but a pile of ash as her mind is no longer with her body. Cordelia holds her, weeping tears at the idea of what has just happened to her and the horror she is now facing, alone.