American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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10: Sister Jude – Asylum

Right, so here we go. Time to get stuck into the top 10 now. Coming straight in from the Asylum season of American Horror Story is Sister Jude.

Say what you will about Sister Jude. She was certainly no angel, certainly no nun, but she certainly wasn’t the devil either. While committing some heinous acts throughout the season to those she was in charge of, she did, in the end, redeem herself.

After being locked away in the very asylum she worked for after threatening to expose all of its dark secrets to the rest of the world, she is eventually released from the asylum and ends up in the care of Kit, one of the former inmates she oversaw.

After much time has passed since her release, Sister Jude eventually reaches the point of her death and is greeted by the angel of death, Shachath, who tormented her for years. But this time instead of torment, they greeted each other like old friends.

Now I know this doesn’t sound overly shocking. Maybe you don’t think Sister Jude should be on this list, or maybe not as high as No. 10? But for me, considering how we first met Sister Jude in American Horror Story, to see her redeem herself and have an almost bittersweet ending was a moment that none of us ever really expected.

I have already pointed out, several times, that nobody in American Horror Story gets a happy ending, but the one person to come so close to it is Sister Jude.