American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse
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7: Serena Belinda – Cult

It won’t be long now until we reach the top 5. Up next, we are visiting the most recent season of American Horror Story, Cult and are going to talk about Serena Belinda.

An ambitious young journalist, Serena was the main rival of Beverly Hope, who was willing to do anything to get ahead, much to the disgust of Beverly.

And it was that rivalry with Beverly that got her killed. Shortly after Beverly decided to join Kai’s cult, the murderous clowns where set upon Serena while she was filming a news report.

Hacked to death with knifes in a most gruesome manner, the build-up to the murderous moment was full of suspense. It’s what shocked us so much. We knew it was coming, we could all see it, we knew what was going to happen. But all of that was still not enough to prepare us fully.

So when it happened, it shocked us to the core and I think making it look and feel so real was a large part of that. While all the other seasons of American Horror Story had death in it, it never felt truly real. There was always a supernatural element to it. But with Serena, it was different. It really looked as though she was really killed right in front of our eyes.