American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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American Horror Story
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20: Joe Escandarian – Murder House

Getting things underway on our 20 most shocking deaths list is Joe Escandarian. He featured in season 1 of American Horror Story, Murder House, and I guarantee you his death made every single man watching squirm extremely uncomfortably in their seats when it happened.

A real estate developer, Joe was interested in buying the Murder House from the Harmons. While initially only interested in the house, he soon became interested in seducing the maid, Moira as well.

He eventually got his wish and Moira ended up escorting him down into the basement and to perform oral sex on Joe.

However, Joe was never going to receive a happy ending. We all knew something terrible was going to happen. Heck, we were a good way through American Horror Story now, so we got it. Bad things would happen; but I don’t think anybody expected to see Moira bite Joe’s penis off,  making every single male viewer unconsciously start to squirm.

Joe was then strangled into unconsciousness and thrown off the premise before he died. That’s because anyone who dies within the Murder House can never leave, and the spirits within the house did not want him hanging around and causing trouble.

But why? Why did Moira do this?

Well, she learned that Joe was planning on demolishing the Murder House and building new condos once he purchased it from the Harmons. She, and the other spirits, could not let that happen and thus decided to take matters into their own hands by murdering him in one gruesome, and shocking, fashion.