American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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1: Violet Harmon – Murder House

So here it is, the No. 1 most shocking death of the entire season goes to Violet Harmon from Murder House.

Why Violet? Well, simply put, she Sixth Sensed us all.


When Violet Harmon tried to end her life by overdosing, we thought she failed. Tate got to her just in time and saved her, but in reality, she did die from the overdose. The character we had been watching days after the event was actually Violet Harmon’s ghost.

She didn’t know she had died and was now a ghost. Neither did we, but the signs where there. Honestly, go back and check, they are there. Shouting loud and clear that Violet is the one that is the ghost, just like when you re-watch the Sixth Sense, but instead of Bruce Willis being the ghost, it’s Violet.

When the secret came out it was amazing, calling it a shocking moment is a bit of an understatement really. Trying to find the right word is difficult, but you know what, it doesn’t need a word. It should be obvious how shocking it was, because this occurred in season one. After six more seasons, Violet still claims the No. 1 spot.

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