American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

19: R.J. – Cult

Next up, we have R.J., Beverly Hope’s cameraman, from Cult.

R.J. was the cameraman for Beverly Hope and one of her most trusted colleagues. When Beverly decided to join Kai and his cult, R.J. followed suit and dressed up as one of the suits of the psychotic, murderous clowns.

R.J. was truly part of the cult. He took part in the killing of the so-called ‘weak’ as Kai saw them, and he did it without question or hesitation. Despite the loyalty he showed, Kai saw R.J. as the weakest member of the cult.

Even though he had taken part in the killings, Kai believed he did not have the stomach to go as far as what was necessary. So being the weakest member, it meant that he had to go.

Unfortunately for R.J. ‘going’ is not as simple as handing back your clown costume and receiving a bunch of farewell cards and gifts.

Instead, R.J. was murdered by the cult itself. Once Kai decided that R.J. had to go, he instructed his cult to carry out the deed.

His death was not so shocking as it was unexpected. It was built up in the season and you knew it was coming; however, the way in which it was carried out was what made it so shocking. Kai had each member of the cult fire a nail from a nail gun into his head.

A cruel and slow death for R.J., it took several nails to the head before he eventually succumbed to the trauma of his wounds and died. American Horror Story made sure we watched every single second of it, shocking us to the very core.