American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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18: Tristan Duffy – Hotel

Moving on to our next character. Tristan Duffy was from the Hotel season of American Horror Story and his death was both a shocking and very sad.

When Tristan arrived on the scene, it was because of a fashion show being held at the Hotel Cortez. He soon became one of Elizabeth’s, also known as the Countess, human pets.

Tristan, who was seen as nothing but a pretty face, had his issues. But when he met Liz Taylor, he fell in love and became a better person, as did Liz.

However, because Tristan was bound to the Countess, his relationship with Liz was far from ideal. Liz tried to persuade the Countess that their love was true and begged her to let them be together.

Although hurt at what she saw as betrayal, she agreed. She could see that they truly did love one another.

But, this is American Horror Story, and happy endings just don’t happen. Tristan was not going to be the one to rock the destroyer of the happy endings boat. The Countess slit his throat and left him to bleed out. Proclaiming to Liz that Tristan was all her’s, bury him.

Happy endings do not happen on American Horror Story. We all know that now. But for one very moment we all thought Tristan and Liz were going to get a bit of happiness. After learning more about their characters, everyone was beginning to root for them. To then have it so cruelly taking away, made it extremely shocking for all.