American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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15: Lucas – Freak Show

Coming in at No. 15 is Lucas, a character who we barely met. He is one character you have probably forgotten about, but one whose death left us shocked, saddened, and angry.

Introduced in the Freak Show season of American Horror Story. Lucas was the young nephew of Pepper. Pepper, who was a lovely, innocent girl, was a microcephalic woman who became one of the Freaks of Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Both Pepper and Lucas came together when Pepper’s husband Salty passed away. Following the loss of her husband, she became dejected and unwilling to be a part of the Freak Show. Elsa Mars, lost of what to do with her, decided to take her to her sister, Rita Gayheart, the mother of Lucas.

Rita was far from kind to Pepper. Abusing Pepper by turning her into a servant, she would routinely be forced to serve Rita and her husband and look after their child Lucas, who himself was born disfigured, and classed as a Freak.

Although Pepper was mistreated and abused, she fell in love with her nephew Lucas and became more of a mother to Lucas rather than a Nanny. But once again, happy endings don’t exist in American Horror Story. Eventually things went from bad to horrendous when Rita decided her life could not move forward with both Pepper and Lucas in her shadow.

Rita had her husband murder Lucas by cutting off his ears and drowning him in the bath. Pepper was then framed for the monstrous act and was sentenced to the asylum at Briarcliff Manor, connecting Freak Show with Asylum.