American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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13: Johnny Morgan – Asylum

American Horror Story has it fair share of bad parents. Some of them have tried to kill their children, while others have abuse them. And we have felt for each and every one of them, except Johnny Morgan. That one we are on the fence.

Popping up in the Asylum season, Johnny Morgan was the son of Dr. Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters. Dr. Thredson was the original Bloody Face serial killer and only fathered a child with Lana because he raped her.

We all know how it ended for Thredson and, after his death, Lana considered aborting her unborn child. She couldn’t go through with it. However, she could not bear to raise the child either. So when Johnny was born, she gave him up for adoption.

Johnny then ended up being bounced around in the foster system and soon began to act out on his sadistic impulses. He began by skinning dead animals and ended up in jail when he was older. Once he learned of his father’s identity, he decided to follow in his footstep.

The Bloody Face serial killer was back.

Eventually, Johnny decided to track down his mother intending to murder her. Lana, who soon figured out who Johnny was and why he had come, managed to get through to him and tell Johnny how much she regretted everything.

How it is not his fault. Johnny is sobbing, emotions are pouring out from him. It looks like a turning point may have been reached, but Lana then puts a 9mm to his head, and pulls the trigger.

Any possible redemption Johnny may have had will never be known. Lana made sure of that.