The Blacklist Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix

Photo Credit: The Blacklist/Eric Leibowitz NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: The Blacklist/Eric Leibowitz NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, you’re in for a treat. The Blacklist Season 5 is now available in full on Netflix.

Many people are like me and wait for specific shows to make it to Netflix to binge-watch. The Blacklist is definitely one of those shows. You’re likely just as excited as me to hear that The Blacklist Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

It dropped at 3 a.m. ET today and you can now watch all 22 episodes of the season. After the shocking events of the The Blacklist Season 4 finale, I’m sure there are many who have eagerly waited for this season to drop.

We were left with Mr. Kaplan taking her own life, jumping form the bridge as she was surrounded by Red, Dembe, Liz, and the police. All she wanted was for Red to tell Liz the truth and feared that he would hurt her. When Red made it clear that he wasn’t going to hurt Liz, Mr. Kaplan took that leap.

The Blacklist
Photo Credit: The Blacklist/NBC, Acquired From NBC Media Village /

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We’re left believing that she’s dead, but this is Mr. Kaplan and she’s survived before. Would this be final?

Of course, she didn’t die without some sort of insurance. She was one of two people who knew about Red’s suitcase–Red was the other. That suitcase is now in Tom’s hands.

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The Blacklist Season 5
Photo Credit: The Blacklist/NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Oh, and we can’t forget that Liz finally knows that Red is her father. She admitted that she’d swiped his DNA before and was too scared to look at the DNA results. Now she knows what we’ve all suspected for a long time, but is that really going to turn out to be true? Is it possible that Red has conned his way into being Liz’s father somehow? I wouldn’t put it past James Spader’s complex character.

The Blacklist Season 5 picks up where the fourth season left off. It’s time to find out where everyone is and what happens to wrap up the fifth season. It’s all now possible with Netflix.

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Are you excited for The Blacklist Season 5 on Netflix? Which episode will you watch first? Have you binged Season 4 to get ready for this drop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Blacklist Season 6 will premiere on NBC sometime in 2019.