Big Brother 20: September 13 episode preview, two evictions

Big Brother 20: September 13 episode preview, two evictions. (Angela Rummans Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Big Brother 20: September 13 episode preview, two evictions. (Angela Rummans Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 is back on Thursday night with a special presentation. The September 13 episode will include a Double Eviction, setting the stage for how the rest of the season is going to look.

There are just two weeks left in the summer 2018 season. The season finale on September 27 is coming up quickly, but the BB20 cast still needs to eliminate a few more people before that date. During the September 13 episode, two more houseguests are going to head to the jury house. It’s going to be an interesting night, especially since it isn’t easy to predict how the Big Brother 20 Double Eviction will turn out.

September 13 episode preview

At the end of the September 12 episode, Kaycee Clark hosted the Week 11 Veto Meeting. Kaycee was the Head of Household but had also become the Power of Veto winner. She decided to not use the power this week, keeping her nominations the same. It meant that Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe would remain on the block.

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When the new episode begins, host Julie Chen will reveal to the CBS audience that it is going to be an episode filled with twists and turns. Then, it will be time for some flashbacks, including the reactions of houseguests following that Veto Meeting. Haleigh and Sam will speak about staying on the block and Kaycee will likely be shown stating who her target for eviction is this week.

The Big Brother 20 Double Eviction

After the first Eviction Ceremony of the night, a week’s worth of events will then take place in the hour. It will begin with a new Head of Household Competition and the winner almost immediately naming their two nominees for eviction. Then, the six houseguests will all compete in a new Veto Competition, with the power to shake things up on the line. A Veto Meeting will be held to set the final nominees for eviction and then Julie Chen will host the second Eviction Ceremony of the night.

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By the time the September 13 episode comes to an end, two houseguests will have become members of the BB20 jury. Toward the end of the episode, they may begin playing a new Head of Household Competition, but it is unlikely to be finished before the end of the show. That leaves some more Big Brother 20 spoilers to come out on the live feeds overnight.