Chicago Fire Season 7 preview: How will Dawson leave and how will Casey cope?

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

With Monica Raymund leaving ahead of the Chicago Fire Season 7 premiere, it means we’ve said our goodbyes to Dawson. How will she walk and what will Casey do now?

Chicago Fire Season 7 isn’t going to be easy for those of us who have shipped Dawsey from the very beginning. This is the first season without Monica Raymund, which means no Dawson in the duo. Just what does this mean for Casey and the rest of our firefighters?

Dawson is going to take the work offered at the end of Chicago Fire Season 6. It’s aid for those in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and an important step for Gabby. Dawsey was on a rocky path since neither could agree on the next steps. Gabby wanted to adopt but Casey wanted to try for their own baby again. Not an easy discussion to have and it looks like Gabby is choosing to walk away instead.

That’s going to play on Casey’s mind. After all, he has wanted children from the very beginning of the series. It looks possible with Gabby but then one thing after another has gotten in the way.

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Gabby’s exit is going to do more than just throw Casey for a loop. Brett now has to run Ambo 61 without her partner. A new paramedic is coming in and she’ll instantly get off to a bad start–nobody calls Boden “Bodie” after running into the first meeting late.

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Stella will also struggle a little. Gabby paved the way for Stella to make it in the firehouse, proving that she was just as good as the men. Plus, the two were friends. Stella and Brett are currently the only females left. How will they welcome the new girl in?

Chicago Fire Season 7
CHICAGO FIRE — Photo by: NBCUniversal — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Meanwhile, there are issues for Firehouse 51 as a whole. Grissom is keeping a close eye on the firehouse. One wrong move and they could all find themselves separated. This is something that’s happened each season, so it’s really not that surprising. They’ll find their way back together at some point if that does happen.

Chicago Fire Season 7, Episode 2 will see the first crossover event of the season with the other two One Chicago shows. This is the first time the three shows will crossover with everything being on one night! It’s One Chicago Wednesdays, everyone! Can I get a hell yeah?

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Chicago Fire Season 7 premieres on Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.