The Man Who Came to Be Dinner with Kang and Kodos recap


When The Simpsons accidentally get on a spaceship piloted by Kang and Kodos, they receive an unpleasant surprise when they arrive on the aliens’ home planet.

While visiting a theme park that is a parody of Disneyland, the Simpson family inadvertently gets on a spaceship manned by Kang and Kodos that is disguised as a ride. While the ship is in flight, the aliens reveal that they are heading towards Kang and Kodos’ home planet of Rigel 7. Once there, the Simpsons are put in a giant pet carrier, shown around the planet, and are eventually informed they are prisoners.

But they aren’t just prisoners, they are put on display as exhibits in the planet’s zoo. After spending time in their exhibit which looks much like their living room back home, the Simpsons are informed that as part of the aliens’ annual ritual, one of them must be chosen to be feasted upon. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Simpsons themselves must choose who will be the one used in the feast. When they all put the matter to a vote, everyone ends up choosing Homer (including Homer who changes his own vote from Bart to himself).

After an opening ceremony in an arena that parodies the Hunger Games, Homer is presented wearing bacon and is about to be eaten when he is abducted by other aliens. It turns out that the other aliens are hippies who believe eating other species is wrong and have formed a Resistance. The Resistance aliens also offer to take Homer home on a ship filled with anything he desires. But since Homer realizes it will be worthless without his family, he refuses to leave.

Homer arrives in time to see his family about to be eaten and despite offering to take their place, he merely joins the rest of family as another entrée. The Queen of the planet arrives and reveals she has already eaten a piece of Homer, but she immediately succumbs to poisoning based on all the unhealthy foods Homer has eaten in his life. Even Lisa is not healthy enough for the aliens to eat.

Not surprisingly, the entire species loses their appetite and send the Simpsons home on a ship. But after receiving a call from Grandpa Simpson during their journey, the family decides to fly the ship someplace else.