5 Lessons A Simple Favor movie teaches women

A Simple Favor, photo credit Peter Iovino via EPK
A Simple Favor, photo credit Peter Iovino via EPK /

A Simple Favor movie is a beautifully acted, dark and twisted delight! It also features valuable life lessons all women should follow.

The Black Lively and Anna Kendrick movie, A Simple Favor, is now in theaters! It’s a hit with both critics and fans. If you read the novel, know that it doesn’t follow the ending closely at all. Expect a conclusion full of twists, laughs, and many WTF’s. And if you have yet to read the book, you should check it out, you’re in for a ride!

A Simple Favor follows mom blogger Stephanie (Kendrick) as she deals with the sudden disappearance of her “best friend” Emily (Lively). Stephanie assists Emily’s husband, Sean (Henry Golding), any way she can (literally), such as cooking dinner or looking after Sean and Emily’s young son. It doesn’t take long, however, for Stephanie to uncover many twists and revelations surrounding the vanishing of Emily.

Haven’t seen the movie in theaters? What are you waiting for? Please note, spoilers are ahead. Watch the movie and click back! If you’ve seen it, read on…

A Simple Favor
A Simple Favor, photo credit Peter Iovino via EPK /

As we join Stephanie in her journey to find her BFF, we learn five important lessons we should follow beginning today!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

This one isn’t new, it’s a saying we’ve known for years. But the way Emily reinforces this universal rule is brilliant! Not to mention, her martinis and drinks look delicious! By the end of the movie, Stephanie herself is an expert at preparing drinks! After watching the movie, we were all craving a martini.

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Get life insurance ASAP

*Again: Spoiler alert!* Emily’s husband’s life insurance saved her many worries when he passed away. She’s now busy blogging away preparing for when the money runs out.

Thanks to the ordeal with Emily, though, she’ll be just fine! After live streaming Emily’s confession, Stephanie’s blog skyrocketed! She reached over a million subscribers and is banking!

Stephanie may not have made it had it not been for her husband’s life insurance — get some now! It’ll be a lifesaver for your family should anything happen.

Stop over apologizing

Take the word “sorry” and remove it from your vocabulary. Well, for the most part. Women apologize way too much, and if there’s one great lesson to take away from Blake Lively’s insane character, it’s to stop over-apologizing. Stephanie constantly apologized and Emily quickly taught her to cut it out!

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A Simple Favor, photo credit Peter Iovino via EPK /

Choose your mom friends wisely

After only a couple of weeks (I don’t remember exactly, it could’ve been even less time than that), Stephanie considered her and Emily BFFs! Little did she know, Emily was not who she thought she was. Stephanie didn’t know anything about Emily’s dark past, her family, or the fact that Emily is a pathological liar.

Stephanie and Emily’s sons got along great, sure, but just because your children enjoy each other’s company does not mean you will, too. Choose your mom-friends wisely!

Look before crossing the street

In the final moments of the movie, we learn from a tragically hilarious event to look both ways before crossing the street. We’re sure to teach or children this, but are guilty of forgetting to do so ourselves half the time. And even though Emily was hit on purpose, she could have avoided the car had she been paying attention.

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A Simple Favor is now in theaters.