Mr. Burns recap: A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love with guest star Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Mr. Burns finds himself smitten with a cop much younger than he is (guest star Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and begins dating her.

After a trip to Chinatown (with a cameo by George Takei as a waiter), Homer is hired as a fortune cookie writer. When Mr. Burns eventually orders some Chinese food, he gets a fortune written by Homer stating that he will find love on Flag Day. Inspired, Mr. Burns goes out that night in the hopes of the fortune coming true. But fortune doesn’t seem to be in his favor when he tries meeting women at a posh social club, or when he changes it up at a sleazy strip joint.

Heading home, he notices that his car is getting a ticket and is outraged. But that all changes once he gets a look at the cop, a young woman named Gloria (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Instantly smitten, Mr. Burns asks her out and she hesitantly accepts. The two go to an amusement park and have a good time together.

When he eventually asks her about a second date, Gloria is about to say no when Homer comes along and regales her with stories about Mr. Burns’ past exploits. She agrees to a second date and Mr. Burns asks Homer for his help, which includes coming along on the date. Homer’s tasks include carrying Mr. Burns (who is in turn carrying Gloria) up the stairs to his bedroom.

Mr. Burns’ relationship with Gloria grows to the point where she is saying “Excellent!” just like him. When the two are on a bowling alley date, Mr. Burns proposes and she happily accepts. Moments later Snake shows up to rob the place, but is surprised to see Gloria there, as the two used to date. After a brief conversation, Snake kidnaps her along with Homer. Coming back from getting champagne, Mr. Burns sees that the engagement ring was dropped on the ground, but doesn’t know why. Not knowing anything else, Mr. Burns assumes Gloria has run away with Homer.

After stealing Mr. Burns’ car, Snake takes the two to his hideout and tries to convince Gloria to come back to him. The police immediately find Snake’s hideout and a standoff begins. Trying to escape, Homer inadvertently sets the place on fire and runs out. Snake runs out as well, but Gloria is trapped inside. Seeing this, Mr. Burns throws caution to the wind and tries to save her, but Gloria ends up carrying Mr. Burns out.

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She is grateful at first, but as Gloria reflects on her memories with Snake she finds herself attracted to him again and breaks up with Mr. Burns. Gloria goes back to Snake while Mr. Burns simmers, arguing that he is far more of a “bad boy” than Snake is.