Station 19 Season 2 preview: Who will make it out alive?

STATION 19 - ABC/Byron Cohen -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
STATION 19 - ABC/Byron Cohen -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

Station 19 left us with all the firefighters lives’ at risk, but there are two, in particular, we’re most worried about. Here’s a look at what we can expect in Station 19 Season 2.

When we left the team at Station 19, they were in a burning building and it looked like some of them wouldn’t make it out alive. Fortunately, the show was picked up for a second season ahead of the finale, so we knew there was a chance of closure and answers. That’s coming with the Station 19 Season 2 premiere.

The first episode should let us know who lives and who dies. My theory is that Jack isn’t making it out alive, but I’m worried (and semi-hopeful) about Travis. There’s a chance that he’ll make it through. Others are at risk in the building but not in as serious positions as Jack and Travis.

Outside the building and back at the station house, Captain Pruitt collapsed. We were left with Grey’s Anatomy Miranda Bailey and Officer Ryan Tanner helping to keep him aliv while the ambulance turned up. Expect the opener to involve Bailey trying everything she can to save him.

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Code Black‘s Boris Kodjoe will join the cast in a recurring role as a firefighter with a mysterious past. This definitely suggests that the team is losing at least one of their own and they’re getting a temporary member on the team to make up the numbers. It’s going to be difficult for them to accept someone new, especially if this new person has a past he wants to keep secret.

Dermot Mulroney has also joined the cast as a recurring character. He’ll play Tanner’s father, bringing in an interesting dynamic. This is a guy that’s described by Deadline as smart, sharp witted, but regularly on the wrong side of the law. Considering his son’s a cop that will likely set up some arguments and drama. It may also bring out Tanner’s backstory as to why he became a cop.

There are no photos released for Station 19 Season 2 just yet. A trailer isn’t out yet either. However, in case you missed it, you can catch the ending moments from the Season 1 finale to get ready for the new season.

Station 19 Season 2, Episode 1 is titled “No Recovery.” It doesn’t yet have a synopsis but the title doesn’t seem that hopeful.

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Are you ready for Station 19 to return? What do you think will happen after the finale aftermath? Who are you rooting for to survive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Station 19 returns on Oct. 4 at 9/8c on ABC.