Ned Flanders recap: Alone Again, Natura-Diddly


When Ned Flanders suddenly finds himself a widower, Homer comes up with a unique way of helping him.

After finding out that a speedway has been built in place of a nature sanctuary, the Simpsons stay for a race. The Simpsons watch the race in the stands in front of Ned Flanders and his family, as Ned claims that he loves racing’s high amount of safety gear. When the cheerleaders shoot free T-Shirts into the stands, they aim at Homer and inadvertently hit Maude Flanders. As she was standing up at the time, she is knocked off her feet and falls out of the stands, dying on impact when she hits the ground.

In response, everyone in town tries their best to support Ned. Bart tries to cheer up Rod and Todd Flanders by playing a Bible themed video game with them, while Homer listens to Ned when he wants to talk. Seeing how Ned feels alone, Homer compiles video footage of him to make a dating video (on the same video tape he recorded Maggie’s birth on) that he sends out to the single women of Springfield. Ned goes out with several women including Mrs. Krabappel, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

Later when he feels that his prayers are going unanswered, Ned briefly gets angry before succumbing to guilt and rushing to church. Once inside, he sees there is a Christian rock band performing. But what really gets his attention is the band’s singer Rachel Jordan (Shawn Colvin). Approaching her after church, the two chat and she sympathizes with him. She mentions going out for coffee, but as she has to leave to go to the band’s next gig, she promises to come back and see Ned afterward.

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