30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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19. Season 7, Episode 18, “Song Beneath the Song”

This isn’t a favorite for many, but it is one of those that is guaranteed to make you cry. The show did a first for itself: it offered a musical episode. We wondered how a show in a non-supernatural world would manage it, but Grey’s Anatomy certainly did.

“Song Beneath the Song” ended the last episode with a car crash. Callie was left needing multiple surgeries and her baby was born prematurely. It wasn’t clear during this episode whether either of them were going to make it out alive.

There are various moments throughout this episode that you’ll be in tears. The music will bring back memories of some poignant moments throughout the series up to this point, bringing deaths and heartbreak back to the surface.

Within the episode, we see how the characters deal with the potential loss of Callie and her baby. Mark Sloan fears the worse, best friends with Callie and father of Sophia. Arizona deals with the fear that she possibly killed the two because the truck came out of nowhere. Lexie is there for Mark, despite everything that has happened between them during this point. We watch as the whole hospital rally together.

Then it comes to the birth of Sophia, we’re left wondering whether she’ll survive. There’s a look between Sloan and Arizona as he begs Arizona to step in despite her technically not being allowed. In the end, there are happy tears as everyone pulls through. This is certainly guaranteed to make you cry for all sorts of reasons.

If that’s not enough, follow up with the next episode for even more guaranteed tears.