30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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18. Season 7, Episode 6, “These Arms Are Mine”

Grey’s Anatomy took a few risks this season. In this episode, we got a documentary-style filming, as camera crews returned to the hospital to follow up on the aftermath of the shooting in the Season 6 two-part finale. This episode sees Mandy Moore return as Mary Portman, who was only in the hospital for a routine colostomy reversal.

There were a few happy tears to start the episode, as Mary and Bailey saw each other for the first time since the hospital shooting. However, the happy tears soon turn to devastating ones. That routine surgery develops complications for an unknown reason and Mary just doesn’t wake up from the surgery.

It turns out that she suffered a fistula and eventually her husband has to make the decision to turn off her life support. Maybe it’s Mandy Moore in the role, but this is one of those heartbreaking episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Who didn’t want to see her in more episodes, especially after the sixth season finale?

At first, we have the shock and loss as she fails to wake up and then we watch as the machines are turned off. There’s nothing more heartbreaking to see her husband and Bailey deal with that loss.

This also starts Bailey’s need to find out why this happened and how to stop it again. The good thing about the episode is that it leads to Bailey and Eli getting together and having their fun romance before Ben returns and wins her heart.