30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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16. Season 9, Episode 5, “Beautiful Doom”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 was a difficult one to start with. We had the initial steps of Cristina dealing with PTSD and then she moved to Minnesota to take up her residency at Mayo Clinic. Our best friends were separated by a time difference and multiple states.

However, the show certainly made it work for the temporary process. And we got to see a beautiful bond form between Dr. Craig Thomas and Cristina. It turned out that the hospital was trying to force Craig out, but Cristina was able to help him and he helped her in the process. In fact, he was able to use his experience in a plane crash during the war to connect with her and give her someone to talk to.

That’s what made this episode so heartbreaking. It was the one that Craig suddenly died. As the two bonded and Cristina showed he could change and adapt to modern techniques, he suddenly suffered a heart attack in the OR. He just dropped right there and Cristina had to take over the surgery extremely quickly.

While Cristina operated on the patient, she shouted instructions to everyone else to help save Craig. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible, although we did gain a whole new respect for Cristina, who managed two cases at once.

We said goodbye to the doctor and Cristina returned to Seattle broken and at a loss. The only thing to come from all this was that she realized “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” wasn’t the problem.