30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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15. Season 5, Episode 24, “Now or Never”

In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 finale, we got the first-ever main doctor death of the series. And let’s be honest, none of us were ready for it. I mean, George O’Malley didn’t even have that great of a season with storylines in the run up to his death (which was the reason T.R. Knight wanted to leave).

At first, we didn’t even know that John Doe was George. The last we’d seen, he’d been sent home early after enlisting in the Army and finding out he was going off to training. Webber thought he was doing the right thing in sending him off to spend the day with his mother. If only he’d stayed in the hospital.

George ended up in front of a bus while saving a stranger. He was injured beyond recognition and it took him finally writing “007” on Meredith’s hand for him to let her know it was him. Nobody wanted to believe him until Callie knew there was a birthmark. Her tears as she checked for that birthmark and realized it was George was shocking and devastating.

We hoped that the doctors would be able to save George in surgery. It didn’t help that Izzy was going through memory loss from her brain surgery at this point and we had no idea if she was going to come back to us.

Just as she was able to remember for longer, she collapsed in Alex’s arms and temporarily died. Izzy, dressed in the prom dress from Season 2, stepped out of the elevator to see George in his military uniform on the other side of the doors. He had died but she was going to be saved.