30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for GLSEN) /

4. Season 8, Episode 24, “Flight”

You didn’t think this episode was going to be missed, did you? Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 8 finale left us completely devastated. I remember going into it the first time knowing that someone would be leaving but not exactly who. What I wasn’t prepared for was that exit to come so soon in the episode.

Just after the plane crashed, we were left seeing how each of the characters had been left. Arizona had a broken leg, Derek’s hand was crushed, Mark seemed okay at first, Meredith was walking wounded, and Cristina had lost her shoe (thank goodness for small comedic moment mercies). It also seemed like the pilot had a broken spine.

But where was Lexie?

We finally found her under the engine of the plane. Lexie knew that she was dying. All she wanted was the people who loved her the most to be there. This came just after she’d told Mark that she loved him and wanted to be with him, giving us a beautiful but bittersweet moment at the very end as Mark told her his dream about them getting married and having kids.

Mark helped her die peacefully, but that whole scene had us in pieces. It still does years on and we’ve not quite forgiven Shonda for taking these two characters from us. Slexie was, by far, the best couple on the series and always will be!

If only Lexie’s death was the only sad part of the episode. We had to go through the group still being out in the woods with Owen having no idea that the plane hadn’t made it to Boise.