30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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Grey’s Anatomy
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1. Season 11, Episode 11, “All I Could Do Was Cry”

There is only one episode you need to watch when you really want to let the tears flow. You already know it’s not Derek’s death, Sloan’s death, or even Lexie’s death, but what could possibly be worse than them that deserves this number one spot? This is another one that involves a child—this time a child of our doctors.

April and Jackson had the most heartbreaking storyline, something that no parent ever wants to go through. They learned their son had a rare bone disorder, which would mean he wouldn’t live for long. His bones were constantly breaking and he was in pain in the womb.

It was an extremely difficult time for the two. Both had different beliefs and wants, but both also wanted to be there for each other. In the end, it was Jackson’s mother who was able to look at the situation the way we never expected.

Despite not believing in God, she was on April’s side in a way. She suggested having the induction with a reverend by their side, so the baby could be baptized right away. It was such a beautiful touch, making the tears flow long before the actual birth came about.

That’s exactly what the two decided to do. They gave birth to beautiful, sweet Samuel, who died in April’s arms with Jackson cradling them both. Death is a normal occurrence on Grey’s Anatomy, even the death of children, but nothing at all prepared us for one of our favorite couples going through this. To make this worse, now we know this was the beginning of the end of Japril.

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