Has the Suits showrunner hinted at cancellation?

SUITS -- "Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter" -- Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
SUITS -- "Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter" -- Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Suits showrunner Aaron Korsh took to Twitter to encourage everyone to watch the summer finale tonight. His tweet is a little worrying for some, as it seems to hint we’re near the end.

The Suits Season 8 summer finale airs tonight and showrunner Aaron Korsh wants everyone to watch live. This is understandable. All showrunners would like their viewers to watch live. However, there was something worrying about his tweet.

When sharing the reasons to watch live, Korsh mentioned that Suits wouldn’t be on the air forever. This almost hints like the show is being canceled or there’s the threat of cancellation. Considering the way USA has been canceling shows like Colony and Shooter, it wouldn’t be too surprising if another one was around the corner.

We hope note, but it’s important to look at the facts. Could Aaron Korsh be hinting at a threat of cancellation for our favorite legal drama?

The arguments for cancellation

I’ll look at the bad first. Suits Season 8 is seeing a 22.22% decline in key demo viewers (to 0.26) compared to the previous season, according to TV Series Finale. This information is taken from live + 7-day ratings up to last week’s episode. While there have certainly been worse figures than this in the past on various shows, this is still a worrying drop.

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The total view numbers have dropped to 1.174 million (a 9.88% drop). This isn’t as bad a drop as the key demo but the advertisers don’t take this figure into account as much as key demo.

While networks don’t just take the live ratings into account, they are still important. It’s outdated considering technology, but a major factor. Unfortunately, this also marks Suits as the lowest rated show on the network.

The network could decide that the ratings aren’t good enough and give Suits Season 8 a last few episodes to wrap the story and end next year.

The arguments against cancellation

Of course, this is all just taken from a few lines of a tweet. Korsh could have just meant that Suits isn’t going to last forever because, well, it’s not! All good things come to an end eventually. Just because he’s saying it’s going to come to an end eventually doesn’t mean that says Season 8 is the last.

Just because the series is the lowest rated on the network right now doesn’t mean cancellation. USA has canceled a number of other shows recently, including Colony and Shooter. Mr. Robot is coming to an end after the fourth season. If our legal drama was to go, there would only be four original shows left on the network—and one of those is likely a limited series (The Purge).

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USA is going to want to keep the original show right now. Of course, the network could look for pilots but there’s no guarantee they’ll do well. At least Suits has a following.

Plus, USA isn’t just relying on the live ratings and advertisers. In the United States, the show is on Amazon Prime. It’s on Netflix in other parts of the world. Subscription licensing fees could help to encourage the network to keep the show on the air.

Let me be honest, I thought the show was going to see a bigger decline than it did with the loss of Mike and Rachel. Mike and Harvey had a good thing going. Sure, the show had lost a little with Mike being outed and becoming a fully-legal lawyer, but they still had a good partnership.

Bringing in new lead characters is always tricky, but the show has managed it. Katherine Heigl and Dule Hill have been excellent additions as series regulars and they have more stories to tell.

Also, Korsh did follow up to say that he never said the show was being canceled. It was more of a note that nothing lasts forever.

Next. Katherine Heigl has been a great addition to the Suits cast. dark

Do you think Aaron Korsh meant Suits Season 8 is coming to an end? What do you think lies in the future for the legal drama? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Suits Season 8 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.