When will Supernatural Season 14 premiere in the UK?

With Season 13 done, many are now looking forward to Supernatural Season 14 in the UK. Just when exactly will the new season be available?

Supernatural Season 13, Episode 23 aired last night in the UK. That’s the finale of the season and now it means another break waiting for the next one. The big question on many people’s minds is when the Supernatural Season 14 premiere will air in the UK.

We don’t have the answer to that just yet. Considering the wait fans had for the 13th season, it’s going to be difficult to guess it. However, if E4 was happy with the ratings for this season, we could see another April start for Supernatural Season 14.

This is a long wait. North America has already seen most of the season by this point. In fact, with 20 episodes in Supernatural Season 14, North America could have aired all the episodes by April 2019. It’s excruciating to wait this long.

It’s not entirely clear if E4 will even still have the rights to air the episode. I can’t find anything in my searches that suggest when the current licensing contract is up. E4 gained the rights in 2015 and aired Supernatural Season 9. There was a long break between waiting for a network to pick it up.

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Maybe now would be the time for networks not to pick it up and for Netflix or Amazon to get it instead. That way, the episodes could air after the U.S. broadcast, such as Once Upon a Time did.

I’ll keep looking out for a date and will follow up the minute I have one–or any idea on whether E4 will continue to air the episodes.

What did you think of Supernatural Season 13? Are you excited for the 14th season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 14 premieres in the UK sometime in 2019.