Big Brother 20 preview: September 20 episode includes another eviction

Big Brother should bring back the nomination wheel of keys. (JC Mounduix Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother should bring back the nomination wheel of keys. (JC Mounduix Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 has a September 20 episode that viewers do not want to miss. There is going to be another Eviction Ceremony, which will determine which members of the BB20 cast make it to the final three this summer.

JC Mounduix is in the charge of the BB20 house. That’s not something fans of the show expected to read at this point of the summer 2018 season. During the September 19 episode, CBS viewers found out what social media users already knew: JC Mounduix is the new Head of Household. Next time on Big Brother 20, CBS viewers will find out who he has targeted for eviction, but also the Power of Veto winner.

The HOH Competition fallout

The Thursday night episode is going to start with Julie Chen welcoming viewers to the new episode, but then it will go into a review of what has taken place. Once that is done, with Sam Bledsoe getting evicted and JC winning the HOH Competition, it will be time for some Diary Room sessions. Expect negative reactions from the final members of the Level Six alliance.

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The Nomination Ceremony

JC has already nominated two people for eviction, but their names will get revealed during the September 20 episode. This was a pre-taped Nomination Ceremony, allowing producers to get a lot of footage in advance. It will now be time for CBS viewers to learn what he said to the nominees and why he chose his two targets this week.

The final Big Brother 20 Power of Veto Competition

The last Power of Veto Competition has already been played as well. This will get revealed, right before the Power of Veto winner hosts the final Veto Meeting of the summer. That will take place “live” on Thursday night, setting up the two nominees for eviction. At that point, it will then be time for the lone vote to be made. Someone is about to become the eighth member of the BB20 jury.

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The September 20 episode is going to be a good one, especially since it has made the show unpredictable again. The Level Six alliance had been dominating every facet of the game, but JC Mounduix just threw a wrench in all those plans. For readers who want to jump ahead and see what has been taking place in the BB20 house over the past view days, this article on Inside the BB House cover the nominees and who won the Power of Veto.

The September 20 episode of the show begins at 9/8c on CBS. It’s one that nobody should miss, as it will also be the final Thursday episode for Big Brother 20.