Big Brother 20 spoilers: Power of Veto results just revealed for JC HOH

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Power of Veto results just revealed. (JC Mounduix Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Power of Veto results just revealed. (JC Mounduix Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers now reveal the latest Power of Veto results. The final four houseguests played the final Veto Competition of the summer 2018 season, setting up the September 20 Eviction Ceremony.

Late Wednesday evening (September 19), more information came out on the CBS live feeds. Earlier in the day, social media users learned that JC Mounduix had named his nominees for eviction. As reported by Inside the BB House, JC nominated Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans for eviction. His main target is Angela. Now, Big Brother 20 spoilers about the new Power of Veto winner has become available, setting up an exciting September 20 episode of the show.

The final Veto Competition of summer

This is the last time the Veto Competition will be played during the summer. As such, it was fitting how it ended up finishing. Kaycee Clark is the Power of Veto winner. Again. She seems unbeatable when it comes to the POV, and she has proven that she deserves a spot in the season finale. That’s what she just earned, as she gets to place the only vote this week.

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Big Brother 20 spoilers: September 20 Eviction Ceremony

On Thursday night, Kaycee Clark will vote to evict either Tyler Crispen or Angela Rummans. That showmance has come to an end in the BB20 house. One of them will make it to the final three and the other one is about to become the eighth member of the jury. That’s not exactly a storybook ending or the season, but life just got a lot easier for Tyler.

Tyler was in a very difficult position when he got to the final four and everyone thought they had final two deals with him. Tyler would have easily moved on from JC, but then he would have had to choose between his best friend in the house (Kaycee) and his showmance (Angela). Now, the choice is out of his hands, as Kaycee will have to pull the trigger and decide who goes to the final three with herself and JC.

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Kaycee will have to announce her decision on Thursday night and it could definitely affect whether or not she becomes the Big Brother 20 winner. If she saves Tyler Crispen, she would likely take him to the final episode instead of JC Mounduix. Then, the BB20 jury would have the difficult task of picking between Tyler and Kaycee. Winning Part 1 of the final HOH Competition is important, with it likely taking place later in the evening of September 20. That could provide more Big Brother 20 spoilers for the online viewers.