Michael Myers is back! New stills and trailer for Halloween 2018


Michael Myers is heading back to the big screen. Universal Pictures has released an international trailer and stills for Halloween 2018, which is a sequel to the first Halloween (1978). It’s slated for release next month.

The creepy Michael Myers (Nick Castle reprising the role) is returning to the big screen, along with one of the Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis. She is reprising her role as the iconic Laurie Strode. She is back for her final showdown against Michael, once and for all, in the sequel: Halloween 2018.

40 years later after the original Halloween (1978), the sequel is now coming out. Halloween 2018 is being directed by David Gordon Green, when the first Halloween (1978) was directed by John Carpenter. Don’t fret — John Carpenter is still involved with the movie. He is serving as a composer, executive producer and consultant. Halloween 2018 will be ignoring the other installments.

I am excited about this. It’s amazing to see Michael Myers back, and I do get nervous every time I see Michael back on my screen. What I don’t understand is, how in the world does he catch up to kill people when he’s walking so slow? I assume they do that to bring in the suspense and tense for the movies. And clearly, it works.

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John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis told Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly that the sequel is the best movie since his original.

"“This is as good as I’ve seen since we did the first movie,” says Carpenter, who both directed and co-wrote 1978’s original Halloween.Franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis also has high praise for the movie in the clip.“It is intense, just brutal,” says the actress, who is reprising her signature role of the Michael Myers-battling Laurie Strode in Green’s film."

“I always knew he’d come back. In this town, Michael Myers is a myth. He’s the boogeyman”

What’s even more exciting? The movie is already gaining traction scoring 83% by critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Not just that, but Blumhouse is already considering creating a sequel to Halloween 2018 if it performs well. Judging by the hype, and the reviews, I doubt it will be a box office failure.

If anything, it may smash the box office records. Michael Myers and Laurie Strode back on our screens? Yes, please! Sign us up.

Check out the latest trailer, below, and take a look at the images released to IGN:

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Halloween 2018 is slated for release on October 19th, 2019. How excited are you to see Michael Myers and Laurie Strode back on our screens? Comment below if you dare!