The Simpsons recap: Saddlesore Galactica


The Simpsons visit the state fair and wind up with a horse that Bart and Homer train to race at the track.

While attending the state fair, the Simpsons end up acquiring a horse named Duncan. When faced with the financial burden of having a horse, Bart and Homer decide on using Duncan as a track racehorse to offset the costs. Meanwhile, Lisa is outraged that a band she considers inferior beat her school band at a state fair contest. She is particularly outraged that they used glow sticks as a cheap stunt and writes to (then) President Clinton, believing that as a fellow saxophone player he will sympathize her plight.

After Duncan loses a race, Homer and Bart decide to change their approach and give Duncan a makeover and change his name to Furious D. This seems to work, as Duncan becomes aggressive and wins his next race and several after that. But when Homer is eventually invited to have a beer in the jockey’s lounge, it all turns out to be a trap. In reality, the jockeys are all deranged elf creatures who inform Homer that unless Duncan loses the next race, they will eat Homer’s brain.

Homer wants to comply at first, but after seeing Bart’s enthusiasm he becomes defiant. Duncan goes on to win the race and the other jockeys turn on Bart and Homer while revealing their true nature. But Homer springs a trap and has Marge and Lisa spray the elves with hoses before stuffing them all in a trash bag.

While preparing Duncan for his life as a stud, the Simpsons get a visit from President Clinton. He agrees with Lisa that the glow sticks were unacceptable and the competition was unfair. In response, he personally overturned the result of the competition.

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