The Spy Who Learned Me with guest star Bryan Cranston recap


Bryan Cranston guest stars in this episode as Stradivarius Cain, a fictional spy who helps Homer become irresistible to Marge.

For a  night out Homer takes Marge to see a movie featuring Stradivarius Cain (Bryan Cranston), a spy in the mold of James Bond. But Homer never shuts up during the movie and while Lenny and Carl find it amusing, Marge just finds it annoying and winds up angry at Homer.  While reflecting on her feelings at work, Homer winds up being injured by Mr. Burns. Homer sustains a concussion and on the advice of Mr. Burns’ lawyer, receives 8 weeks of paid vacation.

Homer goes home thrilled with the news, but since everyone is in a bad mood and refuses to listen to him, he decides to keep news of his concussion a secret. At first Homer enjoys the situation, but he winds up sad again over Marge’s feelings and heads to Moe’s for a beer. While there, his concussion causes him to hallucinate that Stradivarius Cain is not only talking to him, but is offering to help Homer become irresistible to Marge.

Accepting the offer, Cain takes Homer to a restaurant and gives him a lesson in confidence. Homer does manage to charm a woman, but that woman turns out to be the wife of a drug lord. With Cain’s help, Homer manages to escape the situation.

Meanwhile at school, Bart is inspired to get revenge on Nelson after watching an expose documentary on Krusty Burgers by filmmaker Declan Desmond (Eric Idle). Knowing it will be harmful to him, Bart tricks Nelson by giving him Krusty Burgers and a coupon book for the restaurant. Nelson gladly accepts and Bart later sees him on the news for a story on childhood obesity.

But when Lisa also sees it, she takes Nelson to Krusty’s house and shows the clown what his food did him. Krusty agrees to help and has Nelson work with his personal trainer. He returns to school incredibly fit and more able to bully than ever. Bart is stunned, while Lisa says that “he is tough on nerds but easy on the eyes.”

Marge eventually goes to the Power Plant and finds out that Homer has not been going to work. When she confronts him over the situation, Stradivarius Cain advises Homer to tell the truth and when he does, Marge is sad to find out that he had a concussion. With more help from Cain, the two make up.

But when Homer and Marge go to a romantic restaurant, Homer sees that the drug lord has returned. He pulls a gun on Homer, but the man’s wife knocks him out so that Homer and Marge can escape. When Stradivarius Cain reminds Homer that he can handle the situation, he recites a line to the drug lord. Hearing this, the drug lord is touched and leaves Homer in peace.

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