Our 5 favorite things about final chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri

Photo Credit: Digimon Tri / Toei Animation
Photo Credit: Digimon Tri / Toei Animation /

Digimon made a triumphant return with a film series that reunited the original DigiDestined. The final chapter of Adventure Tri definitely went out with a bang.

Digimon has recently celebrated a massive anniversary, now reaching 20 years of the franchise. After the first three group of DigiDestined, the series seemed to pivot from what it used to be, but Digimon Adventure Tri aimed to correct that and return to the original characters years later. Now, at the age of 17, the group had encountered another DigiDestined named Meiko whose created companion has taken a dark turn.

Over the course of the films, Meicoomon has only grown in power and when absorbing Ophanimon in FallDown Mode, she was turned into a deadly creature that threatened the planet’s survival. With Tai missing, Kari in distress, and the rest of the group in a panic, the final film sets up events that prove they are the world’s last line of defense. As the film concludes, we realized it had a lot more strengths that some of the previous chapters.

Let’s dive into our favorite moments from Digimon Adventure Tri: Future...

The series is maturing well.

In many anime series, the characters don’t actually age, and repeat your typical stories from that same perspective. At this point in their lives, they are dealing with questions about their future, Digimon, love, friendship and things that they might not have realized the severity about in their childhood. Particularly, Tai, Kari and Matt are given moments where they reflect on their life and show fear at the unknown. Seeing them question themselves in battle or cast doubt on their strength makes plenty sense given the fact that this is the biggest foe they’ve faced thus far and the stakes couldn’t be higher. If that isn’t enough, they even face death in these films which is the harsh reality of the dangers the series pivots towards. Also, did anyone else pick up on the fact that Matt and Tai are insanely connected?

Kari and Gatomon are still MVP’s.

When Kari and her partner Gatomon were introduced in the original series, I was instantly drawn to the pair. Kari’s intelligence with her compassionate heart made for a strong DigiDestined and Gatomon’s initial edgy attitude made them a pair that had to develop more than most. In the new film, Gatomon plays a massive role by merging with Meicoomon and Kari has become a vessel for Homeostasis while receiving messages about the ways to come out of this as a survivor. Having Kari go ‘dark’ and cause the appearance of FallDown Mode but fight to find her light again was something I didn’t know we needed, but we completely did. By the end, they play a big part in the outcome of the film and having that importance in the series makes it a massive payoff for longtime fans who always knew Kari and Gatomon were essential to the story.

A changed opinion of Meiko. 

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I’ll admit it, when Digimon Adventure Tri began, I wasn’t a big fan of Meiko. She seemed like a generic character in the early stages, but has since really had a chance to develop. Seeing Meiko’s backstory with Meicoomon and her love for the creature (even through some scary situations) proved that the bond between Digimon and DigiDestined is untouchable. When the dust settles and you know what the outcome is for the two, (I don’t want to spoil) it would be fair to say that there could be a few tears shed for the pair who had the odds against them from the very beginning.

The redesigned fight scenes.

Digimon used to have a little bit more child-friendly fight sequences, but with aging the series comes an ability to mature in multiple ways. The fights become more detailed, elaborate and longer running, which brought a great energy to the film. With each Digimon on deck, there is a chance for all of them (and several Digivolutions) to flourish and provide a necessary position in the battle for survival. Try watching the final battle and tell me that you didn’t enjoy seeing them all unite against a common foe – yeah, It’s probably not happening!

Digimon lives.

One of the best parts about this film series (and final chapter, specifically) is the fact that the Digimon franchise lives on. The series has always had popularity, but found itself in the shadow of series who didn’t tackle heavier subject matter in the same capacity. Giving it that recognition for two decades of airtime and returning to a story that many loved has been a dose of nostalgia that many just couldn’t have expected. It may have had a few bumps in the road like any project, but by the conclusion one thing was certain – and that’s the fact that these stories and characters are so important, we need the DigiDestined to stick around for a long time.

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Digimon Adventure Tri is available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Shout Factory. Check it out before the next film tackles their lives as 20 something’s in 2019.

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