Michael Pitt: 10 Greatest movies of all time

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6. Delirious

Release date: August 15, 2007

Box office: an estimated $659, 589 earned worldwide

Critical acclaim: Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood so, of course, this received glowing reviews. Director and writer Tom DiCillo won a couple awards and the movie was nominated for even more.

About the role: Toby is homeless but always chooses to see the bright side of everything. He sees a chance to get a job and a place to stay when he befriends Les, a neurotic paparazzi photographer, played by the remarkable Steve Buscemi. Michael Pitt’s Toby is someone who easily falls into lucky circumstances and lazily goes with the flow until he grasps his chance to become one of the Hollywood elite and purposely steps over his new friend. But even as he’s backstabbing Les he’s so nice about it that it’s hard to hate him.

Simply the best: Everyone hates the paparazzi, even the paparazzi themselves if this movie is anything to go by. A hilarious satire about the glamour and stains of Hollywood, the desperate lengths people will go to join the rich and beautiful at the top, while also hating those same rich and beautiful people for being famous without any legitimate reason (*cough the Kardashians *cough)

The story comes off as funny but underneath it’s a bit depressing. Buscemi tries so hard to make it big but he’s too socially challenged to be around others. He’s hot one minute then cold the next, unable to make the personal connections required to make it big anywhere.

The core of the movie is the relationship between Toby and Les who develop a harmful friendship that’s co-dependent on one side and emotionally damaging on the other. It’s just as much about friendship as it is about how our social demands to be successful can potentially ruin our ability to connect with others.