Wynonna Earp recap: Season 3, episode 10, The Other Woman

WYNONNA EARP -- "The Other Woman" -- Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
WYNONNA EARP -- "The Other Woman" -- Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Wynonna Earp goes on a hunt for a magical arm as a new face emerges that the Earps have to decide whether or not to trust.

The clock is ticking for Purgatory.

In practically no time at all, the demon Bulshar will finally be able to get into The Garden, which would be bad news for everyone involved. People in town have already started to clear out. If anyone were to have a good sense of danger, it would be the citizens of Purgatory.

Wynonna feels the pressure of the clock herself as she attempts to get information from Bobo Del Rey, who is a bit too insane to be helpful at this point. Waiting for Wynonna bak at the Homestead is a mysterious woman named Kevin (Lost Girl’s Anna Silk) who claims to be a part of a secret group that silently watches the world and tries to maintain balance.

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She informs Wynonna and Waverly that she can help them defeat Bulshar and convinces them to go off in search for an arm attached to a revenant in an old nuclear mine.

The revenant in question is radioactive and can’t be touched without getting burnt, and Wynonna still doesn’t have Peacekeeper. The duo leads the revenant back to the Gardner home and, through a series of trial and error, realize that Waverly can use the ring to control the arm and force the revenant to choke himself.

They retrieve the magic arm and return with it back to the Homestead. Once there, Kevin tells them that this was all a test, not for Wynonna, but for Waverly. After hearing about how Waverly had healed Mercedes’ face, Kevin wanted to see if she actually had control over the ring.

Since she passed the test, Kevin declares that Waverly is the champion for this battle. Kevin then tells them that Waverly’s ring isn’t in fact demonic, but actually angelic. It belonged to Waverly’s father, one of the two guardians of The Garden, along with Juan Carlo. What’s more, before Bulshar was Sheriff Clootie, he was a snake in The Garden, as in The Snake.

For the final bombshell, Kevin tells them Waverly needs to sit upon the throne. If she does that, she’ll turn to stone, but The Garden will be safe from Bulshar and he’ll be defeated.

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