Confirmed: Michael Jackson really was the mental patient in Stark Raving Dad

Stark Raving Dad from Simpsons World on FX Networks
Stark Raving Dad from Simpsons World on FX Networks /

After over 25 years Matt Groening finally confirms the truth about the mental patient who sounded just like Michael Jackson.

In the three decades The Simpsons has been on the air, there have been countless guest stars that have come and gone. Many were memorable additions to classic episodes despite only appearing a single time, while other guest stars were such hits that they became recurring characters (like Sideshow Bob or Mona Simpson). But there is no doubt that the stunning array of guest stars is one thing that has made The Simpsons what it is.

While the heart of the show is of course the Simpson family, the other residents of Springfield with their unique idiosyncracies and backstories all help make the show one of the crowning achievements in television history. But it is equally true that the incredibly diverse celebrities who have lent their voices to characters have also made Springfield the unique place it is. Everyone from acclaimed actors and actresses to heads of major corporations have lent their voice to an animated character.

But there is one guest star in particular who wanted his involvement with the show to be kept quiet. After over 25 years Matt Groening has finally confirmed something about the classic episode Stark Raving Dad; Homer’s fellow patient with a voice like Michael Jackson really was Michael Jackson. While fans have suspected this for years, Michael Jackson’s involvement was something that was never confirmed until recently.

The episode features Homer as he is inadvertently committed to a mental hospital. While there, he meets a man named Leon Kompowsky who sounds and sings just like Michael Jackson despite looking absolutely nothing like the late singer. But Michael Jackson only provided Leon Kompowsky’s speaking voice, while someone else did the singing.

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