Ballers Season 4 Episode 7: The Kids are Aight gets too political

BALLERS -- photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site
BALLERS -- photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site /

The biggest, toughest guy on Ballers is suddenly the target for everyone’s arrows, and he may not be able to dodge them all.

Power has always been the primary focus of Ballers. Whether it was power over players, power over the league, or power to start a new franchise. Reaching too far for power, however, may get Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) into more trouble than it’s worth.

While Spencer chases Quincy (Eli Goree), it’s up to Joe (Rob Corddry) to keep Sports X alive by chasing Illegal Civilization. Each head honcho is going to need considerable help to pull in their

The Old Man and the Sea

Just like Santiago and the marlin, landing Quincy is about winning the great prize. Along with Quincy could come the USC and PAC-12 TV deal, worth about $200M over 10 years. Despite all his fancy suits that are obviously custom tailored, Spencer has to go back to the piggy bank to get financial backing. That means visiting the Anderson brothers as they lie in bed after a kidney transplant.

They are brothers, but money exchanged hands. Money rules their world. It should come as no surprise they support Spencer after hearing about the big catch, but that fish might take many bites before it’s brought to shore.

BALLERS — photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO — Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site
BALLERS — photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO — Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site /

Joe and the “aight” kids

Illegal Civilization sent Joe and Reggie (London Brown) for food then bounced, but that doesn’t deter Joe’s tenaciousness. And when Joe hears from a Nike rep interested in a client who left Sports X, he takes a chance and tries to pitch his Illegal Civilization team for a big shoe deal. Even though the Nike rep learned about these guys taking an upper-decker at the Puma offices, he’s still interested.

A meeting is set, but first Joe has to use his charm and a few F-bombs to convince the miscreants to attend. He’s convincing enough that one of the skaters quips “Uncle Fester came to play today!” They attend the meeting, and true to form things don’t go well. A bottle of ipecac gets passed around the table, and seconds later the Nike guys are nothing more than the Benevolent Order of Antelopes.

Protest was inevitable

As Ballers tries to keep fresh, and mirror current events, the Kaepernick kneeling situation became inevitable. Ricky’s (Washington) fancy, posh, upscale neighborhood is unlikely to support the cause. There’s a party in the neighborhood, thrown by a guy who made a Tinder for dogs. TTD (Carl McDowell) is upset someone stole another of his good ideas.

The best scene of the entire episode, maybe even the entire series, is a reenactment of Get Out. TTD is thoroughly enjoying a chocolate fountain at the party while Ricky talks with some others, and suddenly TTD feels the eyes. Everyone’s looking. Raising glasses.

There’s even someone stirring tea and making the hypnotic sound. Too bad Ricky wasn’t listening to the sound, because when the discussion turns to politics he erupts irrationally. In many ways, this reflects reality since Ricky made numerous mistakes (more on that later).

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Who will land the marlin?

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After meeting the Anderson brothers for money, Spencer is at the airport and hears some news break about Quincy. Apparently, he has verbally committed to Ohio State. The first shark bite from outside.

A quick call later and Spencer learns that Quincy was influenced bye LeBron. Jason (Troy Garity) also hears about the news and calls Spencer. He’s clear to Spencer that tampering with a high school kid is illegal, and there will be war if a connection is corroborated.

Spencer takes a trip to Columbus to meet with the OSU staff and inform them Quincy will be, like LeBron, taking his talents elsewhere. The connections at a big school like OSU run deep, and Spencer is “randomly” stopped on the way to the airport by two cops with drug-sniffing dogs. They smell his prescription drugs, take him to jail, and a few minutes later he’s talking to a booster named Jimmy Dale Pritchard. Spencer says he’s not scared of all the threats, but JD mentioning friends in high places like the NCAA, and says Spencer should be scared after.

Next. Ballers - No Small Talk is when Spencer made a huge mistake. dark

Where is Quincy going? Ohio State or USC? Will the latter cause Spencer trouble? More importantly, where will Ricky be going?

He ends the episode with a “F*ck Trump AND F*CK THE WHITES! #ImWithKaep”-tweet, which should realistically end his NFL career. No team would/should take a risk on such a public nightmare free agent with multiple transgressions and only a few years left. But when he doesn’t get picked up, it’s all about race, right?

Ballers airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.