Opposites A-Frack guest starring Jane Fonda recap

Opposites-A-Frack from FX Network's Simpsons World
Opposites-A-Frack from FX Network's Simpsons World /

When Lisa discovers Mr. Burns is using the Simpson’s land for a fracking business, she contacts Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard (Jane Fonda) to fight Mr. Burns’ operation.

While Patty and Selma are staying at the Simpson house, Homer insists they don’t smoke and Marge agrees. Going crazy from the lack of nicotine, the two sisters try to smoke in the bathroom and cover the tracks by turning on the faucet. But when they light up the sink explodes and the water catches fire. Homer is overjoyed to kick Patty and Selma out, but Lisa is curious about what happened. After doing some research, she discovers that Evergreen Terrace is on top of a shale deposit that is currently part of a hydraulic fracking  operation owned by Mr. Burns.

Outraged, Lisa contacts politician Maxine Lombard (Jane Fonda) who is known for championing environmental causes. She successfully cracks down on Mr. Burns’ operation, but when he goes to her office to argue with her, the two wind up having sex. Despite their obvious differences, they agree to discretely continue their relationship.

Later, it turns out Mr. Burns has to get the mineral rights to all land in Springfield in order to resume his fracking operation. Seeing an opportunity, he promotes Homer to sell the idea to the other people of Springfield. Seeing her father going door to door, Lisa is appalled along with other people in Springfield.

But at a town hall meeting while Professor Frink presents a compelling case for the environmental hazards, Homer promises everyone 5,000 dollars which succeeds in winning them over. But when Mr. Burns is about to resume fracking, he discovers Marge never signed because she was disgusted by their water being on fire. As a result, the operation cannot begin.

While Homer seethes at Marge, Mr. Burns tosses Maxine aside because she cost him money. But Maxine fights back by seizing the Burns mansion and it using for various political causes he hates, including NPR.

In response, Mr. Burns retaliates by resuming fracking on a massive scale. When this causes earthquakes in Springfield, Marge begs Homer to shut it down. He eventually agrees and he lights the flammable water in the Simpson house on fire, which causes the entire operation to burn down.  Seeing how Homer and Marge can move past their differences, it inspires Mr. Burns and Maxine to get back together.

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