Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 4: Motherboard explores Brady’s options

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 15: A general view of a FYC Screening of Mr. Mercedes at Hollywood Forever on April 15, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for AUDIENCE Network)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 15: A general view of a FYC Screening of Mr. Mercedes at Hollywood Forever on April 15, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for AUDIENCE Network) /

Mr. Mercedes is now entering the realm of superpowers, which basically makes Brady a mind-controlling mutant like Professor X.

The aftermath of Sadie McDonald (Virginia Kull) jumping off the roof has everyone reeling on Mr. Mercedes. Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) suspects something fishy, but doesn’t know exactly what’s transpiring. Wilmer (Tammy Arnold) is trembling in fear and terror.

DA Antonio Montez (Maximiliano Hernández) shows up on the scene, and even he’s freaked out. Given the last interaction between Montez and Brady (Harry Treadaway) involved a prolonged bout of ball squashing, perhaps people should be more troubled by Montez.

Friends are great. A job’s better.

Dr. Felix Babineau (Jack Huston) knows he’s shady. He also knows because of the experimental treatments that he can’t let Wilmer leak any information. As such, he threatens her job and tells her a job is better than her friend (i.e. Hodges).

Jobs are great. A friend’s better.

Everyone needs a friend.

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Holly (Justine Lupe) needs Hodges. They live together, but she’s still really neurotic. He asks her to respects his solitude when called for, but it hurts her feelings. She eventually spills her guts and talks to Ida (Holland Taylor), shaking and twitching the entire time. Sooner or later her fragile mindset is going to be something Brady can exploit.

Sadie’s mother comes to the private investigation office to talk to Hodges. She wants answers about his presence on their property the day before her daughter stepped off a roof. In reality, however, she might just need a friend. She might need a shoulder to cry on. Since the police have ruled her daughter’s death a suicide, Hodges might be her only chance to confirm suspicions it wasn’t a suicide. She provides Sadie’s phone, which is just what Bill’s friend Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) recommended.

Lou (Breeda Wool) wakes up to noise. It’s her girlfriend Steph Richardson (Samantha Massell), who needs space. It’s unclear if it’s space from Lou, or space from the grungy house that looks like it smells like cat urine and bong water. Disregard, she is tired of her insane girlfriend who has those Aurora-movie-theater-murderer-eyes. Lou subsequently goes to a bar, picks up a blonde – who is just as out of Lou’s league as Steph – and heads home. A random guy roughly 50lbs heavier than Lou starts harassing them. Since this episode is about mutants with mutants, Lou beats down this thickly-muscled man with her super-strength.

The most important friend

Brady finds a friend in Al (Mike Starr), the hospital simpleton who appears to hang around for no apparent reason. Al’s actually a librarian despite giving the appearance that he can’t read. Conveniently enough, Al is about as easy to hypnotize as people who think Bill Gates is actually going to give you a million dollars for forwarding an email.

Brady and his mouth-breathing meat puppet drive away from the hospital. After quickly visiting the site where Brady earned the nickname “Mr. Mercedes,” they take a drive to see Hodges at his house.

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A little detective work later reveals that Montez thinks Hodges is crazy after visiting his home, but Hodges ends up being correct. Jerome breaks into the phone and sees texts Sadie wrote that confirm Brady was inside her head despite being in a coma.

Mr. Mercedes airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on Audience.